Decorative silver, gold and color jewelry-inspired metallic temporary tattoos have become a fashion phenomenon this year and were featured in and With these tattoos you can take your accessories to the next level. They come in the form of chain bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Skin Candy collections come in gold, silver, and color designs and include dreamcatchers, anchors, feathers, arrows, various wraparound prints, stars, butterflies, and flowers. Some designs also include the words "Happy," "Believe," "Love," "Dream," and "Laugh."

Skin Candy Tattoos are 100% non-toxic and absolutely safe for everyone to wear. They last up to one week even with regular showering, however if you want to remove the metallic temporary tattoos sooner just rub a little baby oil over the tattoos and they will come off easily.

Each Skin Candy collection is unique, try both our flashy color and shiny metallic sets of temporary tattoos - mix and layer them to create your own style!

Each package contains 2 sheets.


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Amazing Designs

I loved Skin Candy's unique designs and colors. Purchased a few for myself and for my girls last week. They are fun and look amazing! Thanks

Jane R. - New York

I love it!

These were the flash I was looking for. Very shiny and metallic, lasted about 4 days and were delivered within 3 days.

Amanda - Chicago

Five Stars

Tattoos look just like on the photos, I was very impressed. The directions are listed on the back and the temporary tattoos last about three days.

Joann - Dallas

My new addicion

These metallic tattoos are amazing. I'm so happy i found Skin Candy, they always surprise me with great new designs. They are high quality and easy to put on. Definitely coming back to get more temporary tattoos.

Sarah - San Jose